Phoenix Model S

Phoenix Model S

Limited edition of 200 pianos

Compactness & mobility

An amazing technical and technological feat: articulated in 3 parts, the Phoenix folds thanks to a system of innovative and unbreakable hinges in anodized aluminum with a resistance of 250 kg. 

The 180° opening and closing on a remote axis is accompanied and slowed down by two traction cylinders and two gas compression cylinders which guarantee a great fluidity and ease of handling in complete safety

Folded, it measures 66cm wide (the length of a tennis racket!), 38cm deep and 24cm high. Unfolded, it is ... a piano with 88 keys and a width of 131cm

Phoenix piano in a suitcase
Pianist playing at the water's edge

By car, train, plane, boat or on foot, taking a concert piano with you everywhere and sharing musical emotions with your loved ones or an audience is finally possible with the Phoenix!