Piano Phoenix unfolding

Phoenix Piano

The invitation to travel

Concert piano

Physical modeling of the sound of a Concert grand piano


A unique piano for each pianist.


A projection capacity without saturation.

66 cm folded

Unfolded, it is a 88-key piano

12 hours of autonomy

Play wherever you desire, in remote or unexpected places

Made In France

Designed, developed and manufactured in France.

A fabulous mythical bird, unique and eternal, the Phoenix has inspired generations of writers and poets since times immemorial. Place your hands on the keyboard and close your eyes… The Phoenix takes you into an unexpectedly authentic, hospitable universe of sound that allows your imagination to soar freely, unleashing all its creativity.

Travelling with a piano...

Until now, the notion of a pianist bringing their own instrument with them, considering its weight and volume, has been unimaginable.

with the phoenix this dream has become a reality !

A concert piano in a suitcase.

Two groundbreaking innovations in the music industry


With real-time, computer generated physical modeling of the Steinway D, coupled with a dynamic
and powerful amplification system, the Phoenix can compete alongside the most prestigious grand pianos.

a truly unique nomadic and autonomous concert piano

With its innovative hinge mechanism, the Phoenix can be transported in a suitcase and played whenever and wherever you desire.


The Phoenix reproduces the iconic full tone sound of the legendary Steinway D concert piano that graces concert halls and musical institutions throughout the world.

Compact and mobile

A stunning technical and technological feat: Its 3 articulated sections means the Phoenix can be folded thanks to its innovative, patented hinges made of anodized aluminium, each with a stress resistance of over 250 kg.


The Heavy-Duty Li-on 14.4V 160Wh battery provides up to 12 hours autonomy under normal conditions of use and charges in just 2 hours. The battery is supplied with its charger and power cables. 

Not only are you able to move around easily with the Phoenix but you can play in surprising, improbable, remote or confined places: on a seashore, in a park, up a mountain, in the solitude of a desert. You can practise in your garden or a hotel room or perform in a public square. It’s a big world out there!

Of course, it can also be connected to a standard domestic outlet

Phoenix Battery

Piano Stand

The proprietary design of the birch wood stand offers cabinet rigidity and resistance far superior to similar products on the market. Two positioning studs fit snugly into the slots located on the keyboard to ensure perfect stability. Foldable and compact, it is simply returned to its traveling bag to accompany the Phoenix in its peregrinations. With its elegant lines, it blends harmoniously into any interior


The Phoenix is ​​equipped with a heavy ivory touch keyboard with counterweight on keys that duplicate the tactile sensation of an acoustic piano. Easy to play, versatile, responsive, and sensitive to your playing intentions, the Phoenix offers nuance and fineness, precision and prompt response without latency, unrivalled legato, exceptional flexibility and velocity.



Back of the Phoenix piano sketch
  • Power: Mini DIN 4-way 18v 5A power supply from the mains, or battery (optional)
  • USB Port A: to record Audio WAV and MIDI onto a hard disk or USB key.
  • USB B socket: to connect a tablet or smartphone and use the Phoenix "Piano Technician" application. To connect a PC using MIDI IN/OUT, e.g. master keyboard.
  • 2 balanced XLR analogue outputs right and left channel. Analogue stereo signal for connection to PA system, mixing table etc.
  • 1 S/PDIF coaxial digital output 75 Ohms impedance. Digital stereo sound signal for Studio connections, etc.
  • 2 stereo headphone outputs 6,35mm jack. Recommended impedance 60 Ohms. Two headphones can be connected simultaneously. The connection of a headphone cuts the sound of the speakers to be able to play the Phoenix in all peace.