Phoenix Model S

Phoenix Model S

Limited edition of 200 pianos

Our history


Chakib Haboubi


The Phoenix was born from Chakib Haboubi's vision when, in 2012, as a young father going on vacation, he could not take his daughter - and all the cumbersome accessories of newborns! - and his digital piano. 

Not wanting to sacrifice the pleasure of playing to family happiness, in the pursuit of the impossible, he imagined an original piano that could be easily transported and that would have all the sound and sensory qualities of an acoustic instrument. 

This wonderful and shared ambition that changes the lives of pianists is now embodied in the Phoenix.

Patented inventions, exclusive designs, quality materials, advanced engineering, advanced technologies and craftsmanship: each Phoenix is unique and adapts to its owner's requirements.

An ambitious industrial project
Several years of R&D, 3 patents registered, 7 specialized design offices, 18 recognized French industrialists and 67 engineers in mechanical engineering, materials and structure, digital poles have contributed to the development of the Phoenix, with the help and complicity of many concert pianists and teachers.

An award-winning piano
Designed, developed and manufactured in France, proud of its origins, the Phoenix has received numerous awards:

Made In France