Phoenix Model S

Phoenix Model S

Limited edition of 200 pianos

Phoenix piano that unfolds

Concert piano

A sound modeled from a concert piano.


A unique piano for each pianist.

2 x 120W + 180W

A projection capacity without saturation.

66 cm folded

Unfolded, it is a piano with 88 heavy keys.

12 hours of autonomy

Playing in unexpected, improbable, isolated or cramped places is now possible.

Made In France

Designed, developed and manufactured in France.

A mythical, unique and eternal bird, the Phoenix has inspired writers and poets since antiquity. Put your hands on the keyboard and close your eyes... The Phoenix takes you into a warm and unexpectedly authentic sound universe to let your imagination take flight and unfold all its creativity.

Take your instrument with you...

Until now a fantasy for any pianist, constrained by the size and weight of the instrument.

With the Phoenix, this dream becomes reality!

Traveling with a concert piano in a suitcase.

Two breakthrough innovations in the music industry


Thanks to the real-time physical modeling of the Steinway D sound and its and its amplification system, the Phoenix 66 rivals the most prestigious concert pianos.


With its patented closing system, compact and autonomous.
The Phoenix 66 fits in a suitcase, can be carried and played in the most unusual places.


The Phoenix 66 reproduces the sonic excellence of the legendary Steinway D 274cm concert grand piano that graces concert halls and musical institutions around the world.


An amazing technical and technological feat: articulated in 3 parts, the Phoenix 66 folds thanks to a system of innovative and unbreakable hinges in anodized aluminum with a resistance of 250 kg.


The Phoenix 66's optional battery provides 12 hours of operation under normal conditions. 

Not only can you move around easily with the Phoenix 66, but you can also play in unexpected, unlikely, isolated or cramped places: by the sea or in a park, in the mountains, in the solitude of the desert or downstairs, in a hotel room or in a public square... the world is vast!

Of course, it also connects to a standard 220V electrical outlet...

Phoenix Battery


The proprietary design of the wooden console ensures stability, rigidity and resistance far superior to anything else on the market, while the two indexing pins guarantee a secure hold of the keyboard part of the Phoenix 66 during installation. Foldable and very compact, it can be stored in its case to accompany the Phoenix in its travels.

The touch

The Phoenix 66 is equipped with a heavy Ivory touch keyboard with counterweight on keys that allows you to find the tactile sensations of an acoustic piano. Easy to play, versatile, sensitive to your playing intentions, it offers a touch full of nuances and delicacy, precision and immediate response without latency, an incomparable legato, flexibility and extraordinary velocity.

The accessories


Back of the piano Phoenix sketch
  • Power supply Mini DIN 4 channels 18v 5A on mains or battery (battery in option)
  • USB A socket: to record in WAV audio and MIDI on a hard disk or USB key.
  • USB B socket: to connect a tablet or smartphone and use the Phoenix "Piano Technician" application. To connect a PC for MIDI IN/OUT use, for example as a master keyboard.
  • 2 balanced XLR analog outputs, right and left channel. Analog stereo signal for connection to a sound system, mixer etc.
  • 1 coaxial digital output S/PDIF impedance 75 Ohms. Digital stereo sound signal for connection in Studio etc.
  • 2 stereo headphone outputs 6,35mm jack. Recommended impedance 60 Ohms. Two headphones can be connected simultaneously. The connection of a headphone cuts the sound of the speakers to be able to play the Phoenix in all peace.


3-part articulated aluminum frame
Closing system
4 patented hinges in anodized aluminum, 250Kg resistance. 180° opening on offset axis. 2 traction cylinders and 2 gas compression cylinders
Surface keys
Ivory Touch
Heavy touch, mechanical with wood, keyboard weighted by counterweight on keys
Key sensitivity
Extreme velocity 16384 increments. Note to note calibration. Dual sensor detection system and real time measurement.
Furniture formwork
Varnished and lacquered wood preparation
Pedalboard 3 progressive analog pedals with high precision on/off.
Soft / Sustenuto / Strong
Sounds (*)
Sound engine
Steinway D concert piano modeling with real-time algorithmic calculation.
5 presets. Total customization with multiple parameters
By sympathy with or without pedal, Duplex scale, soundboard impedance, damper position, pedal return
Convolution reverberation
Settings (Tuning, Adjustments, Harmonization) Keyboard or note by note
Keyboard and pedal velocity, Tuning pitch adjustable by 0.01Hz (min 220 max 880), Temperament, Tuning, Direct tone decay time, Hammer hardness (brightness), Damper position, Damper duration, Last damper, Unison width and balance, Key release effect, Dampener lift noise, Key release noise, Octave stretch, Harmonization, Tones (127 shades), Hammer percussion noise, String strike point, Soft pedal, Pickup position, String length, Cover positions, Piano and headphone volume
(*) NOTE: the customization of the sound and the access to the settings, effects, resonance, reverb will be accessible via the Phoenix application
Furniture vibration
Patented acoustic system of furniture vibration
POWER IN console link
2 stereo outputs 6.35mm
2 balanced XLR analog outputs, right and left channel. 1 coaxial S/PDIF digital output with 75 Ohms impedance
Speakers and amplification
2 x 13cm 2-way coaxial + 1 x 20cm subwoofer
2 x 120W max + 180W subwoofer max
Desk (optional)
"Width 131 cm deployed and 68cm closed, height 30cm. Maintenance of the 2 panels closed by magnets. PMMA colorless 5mm 3 panels with hinges "
Acoustic contribution
Installed unfolded, it optimizes the projection, diffusion and reflection of sound
Black matte. Options: Black varnished / White varnished / Red varnished. Customization possible (graphics, colors)
Dimensions closed (H/W/D) cm
24 x 66,5 x 38
Dimensions open (H/W/D) cm
12 x 131 x 38
Weight (kg)
Innovative U-shaped design. Great stability, rigidity and resistance. Locking bar for pedals
Birch plywood, 16mm medium box. Varnished with a black matte finish
integrated in a hermetic box on the left foot of the console Diameter 20 cm - Power 180W
POWER OUT piano link, Neutrik pedalboard owner socket, Mini DIN 4 way power supply 18v 5A on mains or battery (battery in option)
Size unfolded (H/W/D) cm
63 x 68,5 x 38
Dimensions folded (H/W/D) cm
63 x 11 x 38
Weight (Kgs)
Heavy Duty Li-on 14,4V 160Wh fast charge 2 hours, autonomy 12 hours in normal use
Formwork panels 10mm, 2 butterfly closures, 3 recessed handles, double angle iron 30×30, flat corners, 2 outside corner casters, 6 buffers, 1 reinforced trolley. Padding 20mm machined protective foams
Dimensions (H/W/D) cm
52 x 88 x 45
Weight (empty) Kgs
7mm formwork panels, 2 butterfly locks, 3 recessed handles, 25×25 angle iron, flat corners, 2 corner casters, 1 reinforced trolley. Cushioning 20mm, 30mm and honeycombed foams
Dimensions (H/W/D) cm
48 x 79 x 31
Weight (empty) Kgs
Model Samsonite C-Lite Black in woven polypropylene. TSA lock. Tailor-made interior padding in PTZ foam
Dimensions (H/W/D) cm
86 x 58 x 36 cm
Weight (empty) Kgs

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