Phoenix Model S

Phoenix Model S

Limited edition of 200 pianos

The touch

A keyboard of rare velocity and precision

The Phoenix is equipped with a heavy Ivory touch keyboard with counterweights on the keys that allows you to experience the tactile sensations of an acoustic piano. Easy to play, versatile, sensitive to your playing intentions, it offers a touch all in nuances and delicacy, a precision and immediate response without latency, an incomparable legato, a flexibility and an extraordinary velocity

Hands on the piano Phoenix

Listening to you

The velocity level of the Phoenix is 8 times more precise than that of a current digital piano (1016 values and not the 127 of the MIDI standard).

With the computer power of real-time measurement, the pleasure of playing and interpretation becomes a reality for pianists, whether they are amateurs or concert performers.

An innovative piece of furniture

The magic of the Phoenix lies in the interaction of traditional physical materials and advanced technologies. 

The articulated aluminium frame guarantees exceptional rigidity, solidity and stability, the external wooden skins are varnished and lacquered and the whole allows a natural and unprecedented vibratory richness for a digital instrument.  

The patented innovation of the soft vibration allows to reproduce the physical sensations of the touch of an acoustic piano in both the bass and treble ranges.

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