Phoenix Model S

Phoenix Model S

Limited edition of 200 pianos


Modeling technology

The Phoenix piano uses innovative physical modeling technology whereby the notes played on the keyboard are created in real time just like on an acoustic piano, and not read from a database of sampled sounds, as is the case in the digital piano industry. Thus, the sound of each note played is unique and personal, reflecting the emotion and playing intention of each pianist.
This technique opens up much more advanced sonic perspectives than sampling, as well as the possibility of shaping the sound through a large number of adjustment parameters.

The richness of sound of a concert piano

Thanks to the physical modeling associated with high-end electronics coupled with the power of real-time algorithmic calculations, each sound is authentically organic and reacts to every detail of the pianist's interpretation.

The range of dynamics and the superb resonance are revealed in infinite expressive power. The singing of the Phoenix is particularly harmonious in the legato playing.

A projection capacity without saturation

Two 13 cm 2-way coaxial speakers (midrange/treble) with a power of 120W max (60 rms) and a subwoofer of 180W max (120 rms) accentuate the three-dimensional feeling of the sound when projected.

Roundness and power of the bass, balance of the midrange, smoothness and clarity of the treble, the variety of timbres and the very realistic dynamics of the Phoenix transport you instantly into the sound world of the concert grand piano.

Subwoofer 180W max

Integrated in the console, it contributes to the power and projection of the sound and more particularly to the depth and roundness of the bass.

When the console is folded, the subwoofer is enclosed in the cabinet and effectively protected during transport.

Unlimited customization

In the world of acoustic piano, a technician can intervene on the instrument to modify the tuning, the setting and the harmonization. All these parameters and many more are also accessible with the Phoenix application and demanding and imaginative musicians can configure the sound of the Phoenix and its musical color to suit their personality, the constraints of the concert venue or the works played.
With the intuitive "Piano Technician" application* you can select one of the 5 existing presets or model a large number of parameters according to your desires, which you can then save in memory (with no limit to the number of configurations). You can modify all the keys simultaneously or, for the most demanding musicians, note by note, opening infinite creative perspectives!
Examples of adjustable parameters: tuning, temperament, velocity, brightness, tone, hammer action, key rubbing, damper lift, sympathetic resonance, soundboard resonance, pedal effects, lid simulator, reverb, sound output effects, etc.

(*)The intuitive Piano Technician application of the Phoenix is under development.

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